Website Design

We have the resources and experience to make your website mobile friendly. Many websites may have a responsive design that changes when you resize a browser on a desktop computer, but with responsive design this method may not always work on new or odd screen resolutions. Proper practice for a mobile friendly design is to have the knowledge, skill and toolset for screen resolution detection.

We design websites to be intuitive to the visitor. Our goal is to make a website that is easy to use and read.

Screen Detection

With software to detect a screen resolution you can then plan for any screen size and design a website for smart tv's, desktop computers and mobile devices.

Design & SEO

Website design together with SEO is really important. Here at Slick Designs we focus on both website design and SEO to make sure you have a successful online presence.

Design Belief

Slick Designs believes that not only a website design be pretty and functional but must have a intuitive design for your customers and clients to navigate and understand.

Design Types

Our Process


When we design your website we want to make sure we design it around your content. For the first part of the design process we want to make sure we have as much content to put on the website.


After we have the majority of the content we begin the design of the website.


When we finish the design process we setup a meeting to finish the content and make any changes to the design.

Then we Publish!